Definitions for "On Board"
Keywords:  lading, notation, cargo, contrary, ship
A B/L evidencing that the goods were not only received by the carrier but were actually loaded on board in good order and condition. "Shipped" indicates that not only were the goods on board, but that the ship has departed the port.
A notation on a bill of lading, indicating that not only did the carrier receive the goods in good order and condition, but they were also placed on board the ship.
A notation on a bill of lading that cargo has been loaded on board a vessel. Used to satisfy the requirements of a letter of credit, in the absence of an express requirement to the contrary.
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On the table; in the game.
on the table or referring to a player who is into the game.
In games such as hold'em and Omaha, these cards are the community cards.
An event registration level that includes eating the feast.
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on or in a vessel
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Used in the context of general equities. Long.