Definitions for "One-shot"
Shot showing a single person in the frame
When only one issue is published of a title, or when a series is published where each issue is a different title (e.g. Dell's Four Color Comics).
a fic that has only one part and the author has no intent of continuing the story
Monostable multivibrator.
Keywords:  fanzine, theme, dealing, basis, event
A fanzine produced on a one-time-only basis, usually dealing with a single event or theme.
Keywords:  scan, scanner, core, strategy, target
A programming technique that sets a bit to the on state for only one program scan.
a very simple scanner that only scans the core until it finds the first target, and then permanently switches to an attack strategy, usually a core clear
Keywords:  discarded, gate, ticket, pre, raise
A pay area pre-coded ticket designed to raise a gate one time, and then be discarded.
Keywords:  infrared, once, transmits, stops, code
An infrared code that transmits once, then stops.