Definitions for "Ooze"
Soft mud or slime; earth so wet as to flow gently, or easily yield to pressure.
Soft flow; spring.
A soft deposit covering large areas of the ocean bottom, composed largely or mainly of the shells or other hard parts of minute organisms, as Foraminifera, Radiolaria, and diatoms. The radiolarian ooze occurring in many places in very deep water is composed mainly of the siliceous skeletons of radiolarians, calcareous matter being dissolved by the lage percentage of carbon dioxide in the water at these depths.
To flow gently; to percolate, as a liquid through the pores of a substance or through small openings.
to be extruded as a viscous fluid through an aperture in a plant structure (e.g. stoma, lenticel, hydathode, wound etc.). See exude. a viscous fluid so extruded; see exudate. Ooze, Bacterial a mixture of bacteria, secreted mucopolysaccharide etc. so extruded.
release (a liquid) in drops or small quantities; "exude sweat through the pores"
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Fig.: To leak (out) or escape slowly; as, the secret oozed out; his courage oozed out.
pass gradually or leak through or as if through small openings
Ooze is a fictional character, a mutant in the Marvel Comics Universe. His first appearance was in X-Statix #1.
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The liquor of a tan vat.
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any thick messy substance
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the process of seeping
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Adhesive moving out of ends of rolls or stacks of sheets causing ends to feel sticky and possible causing material to block. Also referred to as adhesive cold flow.
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To cause to ooze.