Definitions for "Open Rate"
is the number of views. Multiple views by the same reader are included. An "Open" can occur even when the the email appears in a Preview Window. see Unique Open Rate
The open rate for an email message is the number of messages opened divided by the number of messages sent. Open rates are only counted for HTML (see definition) messages or those with PDF or other attachments that need to be opened to be read. The images that are to be used within an HTML message are stored on a server. Within an HTML email message, there is an embedded image reference that is invisible to the recipient. When the message is opened, the image reference calls the Web server to load the images. A script is executed on the server that records the activity, and this is how tracking software counts the number of opened messages. Some software packages identify the recipient and will only count the recipient's activity once; others will count every time the images are called from the server, even if the same recipient is opening the message more than once. There is no mechanism for counting the open rate for text messages because there are no images to recall.
The percentage of messages delivered in an HTML format that are confirmed as having been opened by the recipient.
in print advertising, the basic, highest rate charged to an advertiser for a single insertion (i.e., a one-time rate), without the agency commission or other media discounts of any kind; the full rate as quoted on the rate card, subject to no discount. Also called base rate, card rate, gross rate, one-time rate, or transient rate. See agency commission, media discount, and rate card.
A freight rate that is not firm and which is negotiable.
A non-contract advertising rate.
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