Definitions for "Optimizer "
Keywords:  djvu, pnm, lossy, png, jpeg
Optimizer is a program which can help you achieve the highest lossy compression that is visually acceptable. Input files may be in the JPEG, PNG, or PNM formats, and the supported output formats are JPEG, JP2 , or djvu/c44 .
A program (or programmer) that modifies a program to make it run more quickly.
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a great tool for obtaining the best BA yield
A component of the Oracle RDBMS used to select SQL execution plans in the most efficient and cost-effective manner. There are two optimizers: a cost-based optimizer and a rules-based optimizer. Each determines the best execution plan based on different criteria.
A phase of the compiler which identifies sections of source code that can be made more efficient by the code emitter and directs the code emitter to implement those improvements.
a miserable loner who allocates a given scare resource, and cannot make any gains
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minimizes the length of the lines between the shapes.
a software package to optimize industrial processes.