Definitions for "Order for Protection"
Also known as "Full Order" and "One Year Order", this is a civil order providing for protection, including a restraint against physical or threatened harm. It can involve exclusion from Petitioner's residence. It can set custody and visitation for a limited period, order counseling and payment of court costs. Requires previous notice to Respondent, although Respondent's appearance at the hearing is not required. The hearing for this order shall be set within fourteen days of the filing of the petition. (RCW 26.50.060) The Order is generally made effective for one year although circumstances may warrant an Order of shorter or longer duration.
a civil court order intended to provide protection from domestic or family violence, stalking, or a sex offense
a civil order issued by a court upon the request of a petitioner which restrains the respondent from committing certain acts, such as having contact with or assaulting the petitioner