Definitions for "OSP"
Mod Orange Smoothie Productions. The predominant mod used in competitions and matches many new options for server admins to customize their games
A lot of the online game server run the Orange Smoothie Productions mod. This is a server side only mod that gives players and server admins a lot features. Server side only means you do not need to download anything to enjoy the benfits of the mod. If you do download the mod however you will notice a few enhanced features. Below is a short description taken from the readme.txt OSP Tourney DM is designed to facilitate competitive, yet flexible, match play. This mod simply makes it easier and more convenient for players and admins alike to ehance the Quake3 experience. There have absolutely been *NO* changes to the core gameplay or its dynamics -- its all default Quake3 in this regard. Check out the OSP web site for more information and the latest build:
organic solderability protective
Organic Surface Protection Material used to preserve the solderability of bare copper on PCB's.PBGA Plastic Ball Grid Array. Used to describe the family of 1.0 and 1.27 mm pitch packages with a total height typically 2.2 mm.
Organic Solderability Preservative
Operator Service Provider. This is a service provided to handle long distance or toll call traffic for certain (usually public) phones.
Operator Service Provide r - OS Provider
Operator Services Provider
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Osp valley is a passage trough karstic and coastal Istria. It extends from below the village of ÄŒrni Kal to the sea. The valley was shaped by the river Osp (river).
Outside Studies Program. Academic leave to study outside this campus
Outside Plant; provides the 'last mile'traditional telephone service.
Outside Plant - bending radius - bending radius protection
Open Settlements Protocol
Open Settlement Protocol (ETSI/Tiphon)
(Office of Sponsored Programs)
Office of Sponsored Programs. Previously called Grant and Contract Services (GCS).
Office of Strategic Planning
Optimum sustainable population. the maximum numbers or size of a population that can be maintained on a continuing basis. This OSP concept is related to "carrying capacity" with the "time" factor usually being measured in years. Regarding harbor seals, the California population appears to be approaching its OSP.
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On-Screen Programming, on-screen MENU display that will allow the user to input data and set VCR features.
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Off Street Parking
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OSP can mean several things
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Official selling price. See posted price.
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ordered signal process. A process where every signal in any behavior is an ordered signal.