Definitions for "outback"
Keywords:  bush, australia, arid, sparsely, inland
The remote bush country of Australia; as, they hunted kangaroo in the outback.
central parts of Australia, more remote inland areas of Queensland, Western Australia, Northern Territory
the bush, the interior of Australia, or desert country
Outback was an Australian World music group founded in the late 80s by multi-instrumentalists Graham Wiggins and Martin Cradick, although the former is American and the latter British. The group became famous for its fusing of traditional Australian tribal music, represented primarily through Wiggins's didgeridoo, with modern Western music, mostly Cradick's acoustic guitar. Before the band dissolved in 1992, it had been joined by Senegalese Sagar N'Gom, French violinist Paddy Le Mercier and drummer Ian Campbell.
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an SUV, ya big silly
Keywords:  kilometers, coast, hundred, few, land
refers to the land a few hundred kilometers or more from the coast.
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a place you go when you want to escape from reality
Keywords:  way
same as out-of-the-way.