Definitions for "Ovarian Hyperstimulation Syndrome"
a syndrome which may involve ovarian enlargement, gastrointestinal symptoms, abdominal distension and weight gain. Severe cases may be further complicated with cardiovascular, pulmonary and electrolyte disturbances, requiring hospitalization.
results from an overstimulation of the ovary by hormonal treatment. In its moderate form, it is characterised in particular by enlarged ovaries due to big ovarian cysts. In its more severe form it can be potentially life threatening.
(OHSS) A complication of ovulation induction with, usually, follicle stimulating hormone, especially in cycles of superovulation for assisted conception, when it is intended to retrieve more than one egg. The ovaries become large, they can be painful, and there is excessive fluid released into the abdomen (the peritoneal cavity). Either removing this fluid or the occurrence of vomiting can cause dehydration, thickening of the blood and, occasionally, a serious thrombosis, such as a stroke. Death has been reported. Moderate to severe OHSS is treated in hospital, with administration of fluid intravenously, sometimes including albumin. See also: vascular endothelial growth factor