Definitions for "Palisade"
A strong, long stake, one end of which is set firmly in the ground, and the other is sharpened; also, a fence formed of such stakes set in the ground as a means of defense.
Any fence made of pales or sharp stakes.
A line of bold cliffs, esp. one showing basaltic columns; -- usually in pl., and orig. used as the name of the cliffs on the west bank of the lower Hudson.
Keywords:  parados, parapet, pediment
Parados Parapet
Parados Pediment
To surround, inclose, or fortify, with palisades.
surround with a wall in order to fortify
a strong wall of tall and large posts that surrounded the Iroquoian village, protecting the village from wild animals, winter weather,www
Layer of mesophyll cells in leaves that are closely placed together under the epidermal layer of the leaf. Palisade parenchyma: Columnar cells located just below the upper epidermis in leaves the cells where most of the light absorbtion in photosynthesis occurs. PICTURE 1 | PICTURE 2
To dream of the palisades, denotes that you will alter well formed plans to please strangers, and by so doing, you will impair your own interests.