Definitions for "Parenteral"
a medicine that is administered intravenously or by injection; most vaccines can be administered subcutaneously (to the fatty layer immediately below the skin) or intramuscularly — but not intravenously.
Introduction of a substance (such as a drug or nutrient) into the body through any route other than by mouth or suppository. Parenteral injections can be intravenous (into a vein), subcutaneous (beneath the skin), or intramuscular (within a muscle).
Method of administering medicine or nutrition through a means other than by the mouth. Intravenous (into the vein), intramuscular (into the muscle), and intradermal (into the skin) administration are all parenteral.
means piercing mucous membranes or the skin barrier through such events as needlesticks, human bites, cuts, and abrasions.
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Inoculation into the body (not by mouth)
not in or through the digestive system but by another means.
Not in or through the digestive system, introduced otherwise than by way of the intestines and occurring outside the intestine.
Inside the body, but outside the intestines.
a method in which a drug or vaccine is introduced into the body, other than by oral ingestion.
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Pertaining to the blood stream.