Definitions for "PATA"
A Pata (Devangari पट) or sword gauntlet is a bladed weapon from Northern India much like a short sword, except that the blade is integrated in a gauntlet. In use, it could be employed similar to a katar, though the additional support from being laid along the forearm may have allowed them to be used as a slashing weapon too. It was considered to be a highly effective weapon for Infantrymen against heavily armoured cavalry.
"Pata", is a musician and songwriter and was formerly featured on rhythm guitar in the popular Japanese band X Japan. He joined the group in the 1980s and stayed with it until its dissolution in 1997.
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PATA Parallel Advanced Technology Attachment (a.k.a. IDE). A storage interface technology that preceded SATA.
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Pig's or Cow's Feet
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Parallel ATA See "ATA"
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Pacific Asia Travel Association
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painted handing scroll
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