Definitions for "Paths"
The navigation routes visitors take on a site--a particularly useful measurement of how difficult a site is to maneuver and the popularity of specific pages.
A shared-use pedestrian, equestrian, cyclist route or system which is paved.
Routes connecting nodes 16
In Qabbalistic terminology, the resonating link between two Sephiroth
objects or viewpoints can follow predefined paths that can be dynamically created and interpolated.
Protocols Audit Trail Human Subjects. Database of human protocol information used to track protocol approvals and modifications, review dates, risk categories, and personnel authorized by the protocols. Protocols are required not only for medical studies, but also for studies collecting and/or using data traceable to subjects.
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Acronym for Pacific Transport of Heat and Salt, a joint program among Canada, Japan and the U.S. See WMO (1983).
The order in which pages on your website are visited, showing a detailed breakdown of web traffic paths from each of your entry pages.
Since graphics are not embedded in web pages, the location of the graphic is indicated to the web browser with a path in HTML. You can find out more in our paths tutorial.
Partnerships to Advance THerapeutics
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Within an ATM network you have paths that are virtual pipes from one location to another and carry a number of channels.