Definitions for "Patient-controlled analgesia"
PCA machines allow you to control when you will receive a dose of pain medication. By pushing a button, the PCA machine delivers pain medication through your IV. You should be the only one who presses the button. Your family and friends should not push the button for you, especially if you are sleeping. Parents should not push the button for their child. Your nurse will show you how it works and answer questions you may have.
The self-administration of analgesics by a patient; often involves an intravenous, subcutaneous, or epidural opioid administered via a pump.
Pain medication given through an IV or epidural catheter. Patients control the dose of medication they take, depending on how much is needed to control the pain. PCA is usually used for patients recovering from intra-abdominal, major orthopedic, or thoracic surgery, and for chronic pain states, such as those due to cancer.