Definitions for "Pay-As-You-Go"
Refers to the method of financing capital projects. The Pay-As-You-Go Capital projects are totally financed by revenues received during the fiscal year the project is initiated. No borrowing or issuing of bonds is undertaken.
This term refers to requirements in law that result in a sequester if the estimated combined result of legislation affecting direct spending or receipts is an increase in the deficit for a fiscal year.
A procedure set forth in the Deficit Control Act that ensures that all legislation affecting direct spending or receipts is budget neutral in each fiscal year. The Office of Management and Budget and CBO estimate the five-year budgetary effects of all such legislation enacted before September 31, 2002. If the estimated budgetary effects in the budget year would increase the deficit or reduce the surplus for that year, a PAYGO sequestration--or cancellation of budgetary resources available for direct spending programs--is triggered. See direct spending, fiscal year, and sequestration.
The funding and disbursement of pension benefits as they become due. Also known as "pay-as-you-go." In the long run, this is the most costly method of funding pension plans. (LI)
See Current Disbursement.
Health, Pension] a method of financing a benefit plan under which the contributions to the plan are generally made at about the same time and in about the same amount as benefit payments and expenses becoming due [identical to ASOP No. 4
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