Definitions for "Payment method"
Means by which the mortgage capital is repaid. E.g. endowment plan, tax-free cash sum from pension.
the way you have decided to repay your mortgage, such as a pension, ISAs, endowments or capital and interest repayments.
The method in which a mortgage is repaid at the end of the term e.g. capital & interest, endowment, ISA, etc.
The form of payment provided for a transaction. The payment method reflects the masked credit card or bank account number that has been debited or credited. All transactions submitted to the Payment Gateway must include a valid payment method.
The method used to facilitate and process payment. Includes payment instruments and payment systems.
Refers to the three methods of collecting payment through both the Insurance Service Account and Insurance Service Account Plus. They are: Electronic Fund Transfer, Direct Payment, and Multiple Contract Billing.