Definitions for "Peaks"
The uppermost brails above the mains. Upper and lower peaks are standard, and a third set is sometimes rigged on sails with long head-ropes.
This was the third and most popular of Klaatu's "Greatest Hits" collections, initially released by Attic Records but eventually being remastered by Bullseye Records (the only of the Greatest Hits collections to receive that treatment.) The cover was designed by Terry Watkinson.
prominent elevations, part of a larger feature, either pointed or of very limited extent across the summit PKSU
Keywords:  mounds, egg, curl, whip, upright
We see peaks when we whip egg whites. Basically, once you whip egg whites for a while, they will start to form points, which are peaks.
The mounds made in a mixture. For example, egg white that has been whipped to stiffness. Peaks are "stiff" if they stay upright, or "soft" if they curl over.
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