Definitions for "Peasant"
A countryman; a rustic; especially, one of the lowest class of tillers of the soil in European countries.
Rustic, rural.
a countryman either working for others,
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a member of a lower social class; poor farm workers were often called peasants in the past
a peasant is a farm worker who does not own the land he farms, but pays part of the crops he grows to the owner of the land as rent. Peasants cannot ever prosper, because, if they work hard and grow a surplus, the landowner will inevitably raise the amount of the crop to be paid in "rent".
one of a (chiefly European) class of agricultural laborers
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In order to be classified as a peasant in Peasant's Quest, you must stink like a peasant, dress like a peasant (that is, wear a robe), and be on fire like a peasant.
a crude uncouth ill-bred person lacking culture or refinement
Romantic style often characterized with a low neckline, ruffles, or free flowing material.
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A card of the Spades suit.
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a country person