Definitions for "Perfect Circle"
a band worth seeing if you ever get the privilege
a good band, I'll check it out when I have the time
a great band and I love Tool so I gotta love this
a fascinating thing
a real funny thing (Utopia) in today's digital world analogising the discrete incompleteness due to lack of facts/data/knowledge in our lives
a thing that started off kind of low-key
Keywords:  genius, stroke
a stroke of genius
Keywords:  musician, accomplished
a very accomplished musician
Keywords:  wonder, newcomer, career, spans, say
a newcomer, some people would say a one-hit wonder as the active career spans only one year to date
a more theoretical than practical model for a color disk
Keywords:  confused, enough, bit, good, collected
a good, too, but it's a bit too collected, not quite confused enough
Keywords:  true, music, example
an example of what TRUE music is