Definitions for "Personal service"
Personal service of an overpayment letter means the letter was personally delivered to the liable individual, his/her guardian, or to another resident of the same household who is competent to give the letter to the client. See: Benefit Errors
The "in person" notification of legal action. Personal service is considered to have been completed when a caseworker or sheriff actually hands the document indicating legal action to the noncustodial parent or obligor. Personal service is used when mail cannot be delivered to a noncustodial parent or obligor.
The sheriff personally delivers a service of process to the defendant.
A Global Service for Personal Authorities identified using the Global Context Symbol “=”.
any service requested by a passenger which requires the taxicab driver to leAve. the vicinity taxicab.
when the properly addressed certified mail return receipt reply form is signed by the addressee/defendant, then service shall be considered as personal service.
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Handing a copy of court papers directly to the person who is served.
Personal service is being handed a copy of legal papers by a Process Server.
Service of court papers by handing a copy to the person who is served.
The delivery of a writ etc, by leaving it in the presence of the person to be served and drawing his/her attention to its nature.
Professional or technical expertise provided by a consultant to accomplish a specific study, project, task, or other work statement.