Definitions for "phoney"
something or someone that is phony.
A word which does not appear in the chosen word guide. Note: I don't say phoneys are bad or unacceptable words because many fairly common words have not yet been added to OSPD. RETILE and REDIALS, for example, were considered phoneys until 1996.
Any unacceptable word. An unacceptable word is one that is not found in the OWL. Or, if it has more than nine letters and the word is not found in the Webster's Collegiate Dictionary, Tenth Edition. If a phoney is not challenged when it's played, however, it will stay on the board for the remainder of the game.
imitating something superior; intended to deceive; fraudulent; having a misleading appearance; not genuine; counterfeit; fake; as, a phoney diamond; a phoney hundred-dollar bill.
pretending to be other than one is; putting on false appearances; insincere; hypocritical; -- of people.
a person who professes beliefs and opinions that he does not hold