Definitions for "Phono"
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Phono Connectors are the most common type of connections used between turntables/CD players/tuners/mixers/amplifiers to link stereo audio products together i.e.: the red & white sockets on the back of all CD players. A single (yellow) socket is also used for the main video output on a CDG or DVD player to take the signal to a TV video input.
(RCA) Use to connect the inputs or outputs of either audio or video devices such as a CD player or camcorder. Used mainly in consumer level gear. To see a picture of a phono connector click here.
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Emile Henri Garry - organiser*Noor Inyat Khan - wireless operator
Phono is a software tool for developing and testing models of regular historical sound change. For this purpose, a model consists essentially of an ordered set of sound-change rules. Phono reads the makeup of the rules and their order from a data file.
ecord Any material object onto which sounds, other than those on a soundtrack of an audio-visual work, can be recorded including an audiocassette, a CD, or a vinyl disc. Print License Authorization from a music publisher or song writer to reproduce and distribute a song in printed form.
A South American butterfly (Ithonia phono) having nearly transparent wings.
An interview conducted by the presenter in the TV studio with a correspondent. A photograph of the correspondent and the city they are in is shown on the screen while they are talking. TV equivalent of the radio 2-way.