Definitions for "Phosphoric Acid"
Corrosive. Severe eye, skin, respiratory irritant. Breathing vapors can make lungs ache. Used in some bathroom cleaning products, especially those that remove lime and mildew, metal polishes
An antioxidant used to decrease oxidative rancidity of fat or oil. Inhibits metal-catalyzed oxidation and production of dark colors; metal chelating agent
A toxic, corrosive, acid, and colorless liquid with no odor. It is used as feedstock for fertilizer production. Other uses include rust proofing of metals and in the production of soft drinks, animal feed, and pharmaceuticals.
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Used in lithography as a counteretch.
A solution of the elements phosphorus, hydrogen, and oxygen that serves as the electrolyte for one type of fuel cell. Chemically: 4H3PO4.
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See Phosphorus.