Definitions for "Piece rate"
For some mail classes, the postage charged for each mailpiece in addition to the pound rate charge.
A third class postage rate without a discount; the postage charged for single pieces of mail ( in contrast to mail presented in bulk).
Third-class mail breaks into two main rate categories-third-class bulk rate (for discounts) and third-class piece rate. For the price of a first-class stamp, a piece weighing up to 3 1/2 ounces may be placed in the mail stream without any prior sortation, a charge that is currently over 40 percent greater than the unit charge for third-class bulk mail.
A per-piece rate system that pays employees based on the number of pieces produced.
Payment for production based on the number of units processed, rather than the number of hours used.
The rate per unit or output that is fixed from time to time in a payment by results system. The piece rate is typically the product of (a) an attempt to measure the normal or expected output for a period of time for an employee working normally, and (b) negotiation with employees concerning a 'fair' rate of pay per unit produced.