Definitions for "PIMP"
One who provides gratification for the lust of others; a procurer; a pander.
To procure women for the gratification of others' lusts; to pander.
A prostitute's protector and manager.
a satirical news and comedy source and meant to be a Geek God on first version of the other country
a satirical news and comedy source and meant to be used as a diagnostic tool
The ACTUAL greatest smilie ever created. It is a proud symbol of our EZBoard heritage, and is also subject to massive oppression by the EoFF staff.
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A console based POP3 mail client that supports multiple accounts.
the PiMP is an open-source, GUI, MCCP proxy client. It's intended to be simple to configure and hassle-free to use.
PIMP - Personal Instant Messaging Protocol. PIMP is a internet or intranet cross-platform client/server instant messaging system. Message encryption can be enabled or disabled at compile-time, and security rules can be set by a configuration file.
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a chervy truck test that features a vhevy truck analysis of your results, chevy truyck
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a domain hoosting thing to be
a good thing to be
Plug-in Mini Packager. Nullsoft's in-house installer utility. Required for plug-in installation.
Used as an adjective to describe an upgraded marker. Pimp can also be used as a verb.(eg. "I am going to pimp my marker with custom anodizing")
slang for a resident or attending asking questions for the purpose of Socratic teaching.
Keywords:  breed, complex, person
a complex breed of person
Keywords:  slave, owner
a slave owner
Keywords:  arrange, partners, sexual, others
arrange for sexual partners for others
Keywords:  sells, girls, takes, money, sex
a person who sells girls for sex and takes all their money