Definitions for "Pitman"
Crew member that controls the halyards (ropes used to hoist sails) and mast winches; assists the mastman.
Crewmember who controls the halyards and mast winches and assists the mastman.
Keywords:  crank, sawmill, rod, eccentric, pallet
The connecting rod in a sawmill; also, sometimes, a connecting rod in other machinery.
n: the arm that connects the crank to the walking beam on a pumping unit by means of which rotary motion is converted to reciprocating motion.
a devise that connects the organ key and the pallet
Pitman, also known as Catrap, is a video game released by Asmik for the Nintendo Game Boy in 1990. The word 'Catrap' refers to the frequent amount of times the player is trapped and needs to reverse his movements and the two anthropomorphic cats the player can maneuver to advance through the levels.
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One who works in a pit, as in mining, in sawing timber, etc.
someone who works in a coal mine
The man responsible for all pumping gear in the mine.
English educator who invented a system of phonetic shorthand (1813-1897)