Definitions for "Planck"
Cosmic background radiation measuring mission (formerly COBRAS-SAMBA) currently under study by the European Space Agency. Its objective is to extend COBE's discovery of anisotropy in the cosmic microwave background radiation with higher resolution and greater sensitivity.
A European space mission under construction to make precision measurements of fluctuations in the cosmic microwave background.
Planck is a primarily European (with some US participation) cosmic-background radiation experiment that will observe in the range 35-900 GHz. It is scheduled for launch in 2007, on the same vehicle as FIRST (above).
German physicist whose explanation of blackbody radiation in the context of quantized energy emissions initiated quantum theory (1858-1947)
Planck contributed to the understanding of the electromagnetic spectrum by realizing that the relationship between the change in energy and frequency is quantized according to the equation delta E=hv where h is Planck's constant.
Planck is a huge lunar crater that is located in the southern hemisphere of the Moon, on the far side as seen from the Earth. It lies to the west of the Poincaré walled plain, another enormous formation only slightly larger than Planck. Both formations are larger than the Deslandres walled plain, the largest crater on the near side.