Definitions for "Plug & play"
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A term used e.g. in computers where software or hardware will play automatically e.g. when a CD-ROM disc is loaded or when a device is connected to a computer via a USB port. This feature is common in CD audio and DVD-Video players, but has not always been available on computers.
Refers to owners who boast about how great their Team is on the Forum, and then request that anyone and everyone play them.
A term that is also popular in data video projection. Plug &Play projectors communicate directly with the computer connected to them and synchronise themselves automatically. The user connects the cables and switches the appliances on but nothing more is required before they are ready for presentation.
Term used to point out that installation of a device or software is very easy and user-friendly.
Optimistic instruction for installing electronic devices.
Makes set-up and installation virtually effortless! Simply take the VCR out of the box, hook-up the antenna or cable and then plug in the VCR. With in 3 minutes all your channels will have been locked in; your day, date, and time will have been set. Auto Clock Set it's that simple.
Intel standard allowing additional hardware to be added to and subtracted from a laptop system without having to reconfigure or restart the laptop.