Definitions for "POKA-YOKE"
Keywords:  baka, yoke, yokeru, zqc, mistake
Also Baka-Yoke, a Japanese expression meaning "common or simple, mistake proof". A method of designing production or administrative processes which will, by their nature, prevent errors. This may involve designing fixtures, which will not accept an improperly loaded part. In the administrative area, having a credit memo be a different color than a debit memo. It requires that thought be put into the design of any system to anticipate what can go wrong and build in measures to prevent errors.
A mistake-proofing device or procedure to prevent a defect during order taking or manufacture. An order-taking example is a screen for order input developed from traditional ordering patterns that question orders falling outside the pattern. The suspect orders are then examined, often leading to the discovery of inputting errors or buying based on misinformation. A manufacturing example is a set of photocells in parts containers along an assembly line to prevent components from progressing to the next stage with missing parts. A poka-yoke is sometimes called a baka-yok.
Also called Error Proofing, Mistake Proofing or Zero Quality Control (ZQC). Poka- Yoke is a system and/or a device that prevents errors before they become defects. With Poka-Yoke operators are not blamed for the errors, but instead find ways to keep errors from becoming defects. When used with other Lean Principles Poka-Yoke can be a very valuable tool in the overall Lean Manufacturing process.