Definitions for "Police Officer"
An employee assigned to the police department whose primary duties are engagement in the enforcement of law and maintenance of order within the state and its political subdivisions including sheriffs and sheriffs deputies, who has successfully completed the required course of instruction for law enforcement officers approved by the Kansas Law Enforcement Training Center.
a member of a police force; "it was an accident, officer"
a law enforcement career that is both rewarding and dangerous
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a composite of what all men are, a mingling of the saint and sinner, dust and deity
an authority figure
a neutral authority figure from outside of the school
A nonmilitary person who is employed by a government agency and has the authority to use coercive force when carrying out his or her duties.
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a racist, but he has to look after his ailing father
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a guardian of the peace
a member of a national/international brotherhood
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a Citizen same as the rest of us and should be under the same restrictions as us
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a specific kind of skilled worker
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a person who works for the police force
a target every time he or she goes to work and many times even when they are not at work
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a public official
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an employee of the government
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a protection device