Definitions for "Populate"
To furnish with inhabitants, either by natural increase or by immigration or colonization; to cause to be inhabited; to people.
make one's home or live in; "She resides officially in Iceland"; "I live in a 200-year old house"; "These people inhabited all the islands that are now deserted"; "The plains are sparsely populated"
fill with people or supply with inhabitants; "people a room"; "The government wanted to populate the remote area of the country"
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To propagate.
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Insert the application data into a defined database.
In Computing terms; add data to a database. Oxford Reference Online Keyword(s): Populate
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Insert data into a field or fields.
To put information in an input field. Auto Populate is when Best 4 Diabetes puts information in a text field for you. You can later change the information that was Auto Populated.