Definitions for "Post Cure"
The phenomenon peculiar to radiation curing. Whereas, exposure to ultraviolet radiation will continue to react chemically for a period of minutes to hours after exposure.
A process employed after the initial cure, in which a plastic is given a final oven cure to achieve optimum physical properties.
Additional time/heat cycles to which a cured thermosetting plastic is sub jected in order to enhance the properties.
A heat cycle a roving doff goes through after fabrication. This is generally used to help "set" the ribbon on the outside of the doff to improve the doff's stability and resistance to package collapse.
The final step in the vulcanization process for the more exotic elastomers. Provides stabilization of parts and drives off decomposition products resulting from the vulcanization process.
A process, following initial vulcanization, used to stabilize parts and clear the elastomer of residual decomposition products.