Definitions for "Preauthorization"
A cost containment feature of many group medical policies whereby the insured must contact the insurer prior to a hospitalization or surgery and receive authorization for the service.----------[ Back
A method that insurers and managed care companies use to monitor and control the delivery of medical care by evaluating the need for a service before the patient is allowed to receive care; it is usually done by trained, mid-level providers, such as nurses.
a determination by the carrier that the services are medically necessary and appropriate
Statement by a third-party payer indicating that proposed treatment will be covered under the terms of the benefit contract.
This means you must ask permission from the payer before your doctor performs certain treatments.
means the process by which we determine if a procedure or treatment is a referable Benefit under the Enrollee’s plan.
Previous approval for specialist referral or non emergency health care services.
Previous approval for specialist referral or nonemergency health care services.
The approval, in advance, of a POS Transaction up to a specified dollar amount by a CAS to guarantee funds for a purchase of goods or services to be completed at a later time.
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see Precertification.
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See Predetermination.
Authorization of a credit card payment (reservation of an amount on the credit card).