Definitions for "Prefab"
popupid: prefab](Worldcraft) A prefabricated object. Prefabs are usually collections of brushes and/or entities that may be frequently used thoughout a map (such as a chair or pop machine) stored in Worldcraft's Prefab Library, and can be inserted into any map at any particular point by the mapper.
a combination of one or more brushes and entities. There are prefab chairs, tables, soft drink machines in WC- and you can download prefabs made by others from the web. Other people's prefabs often are poorly made, however, and often cause errors during compile or testing of the map. Even the best may have many hidden wpolys and so cause lag. There are prefabs for many programs, not just for HL out there, so be careful. It is considered good manners to thank the author of any prefab you used in your map for the prefab.
Pre-built exhibit ready for installation.
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a prefabricated structure