Definitions for "Presentations"
The rites during the period of purification and enlightenment through which the church passes on to the elect the Creed and the Lord's prayer, the cherished documents of the church, and the traditions they represent: the way Christians believe and the way Christians pray.
During the period of purification and enlightenment, the elect are presented with the Creed and the Lord's Prayer through special rites. Both presentations can be anticipated during the period of the catechumenate when it is more convenient.
Given by employers. Usually aimed at second and final year students. Most take place in the evening, some at lunchtime on campus or in local hotels. Food and drink is often provided. They provide an opportunity for employers to tell you about themselves and the vacancies they have. Some presentations include videos, small discussion groups or case studies, others are mainly talks. Many employers bring along recent graduate recruits. You'll have a chance to ask questions, get an idea of the company culture and be encouraged to sign up online. You'll also encounter pesentations when at an assessment centre. You may be asked to give a short talk on a topic, either related to the organisation, or on something of personal interest. You may have been given the subject in advance – or you may not
Special areas within your WebCT course where one or more groups of students designated by the instructor can assemble a class project. The groups create the presentation in HTML as linked web pages. You, and anyone else with access to the course can view the completed project. If you're assigned to a presentation group, click on this icon and in the window that appears, the Edit Files link to work on your project. You can upload existing HTML files, or you can create new files within WebCT (if you do this, remember to include HTML tags for formatting).
Electronic slides used to present a subject to an audience. Can contain text, pictures, graphics, animations, video-clips and interactivity.
Slide shows created using special graphics application software that can be displayed on screen or projected using a projector attached to a computer.
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