Definitions for "Preventative Care"
predetermined course of care designed to prevent disease altogether, to detect and treat it early, or to manage its course most effectively. Examples of preventative care include immunizations and regular screenings like Pap smears or cholesterol checks.
Health care emphasizing priorities for prevention, early detection and early treatment of conditions, generally including routine physical examination, immunization, and well-person care.
Health care that emphasizes prevention, early detection and early treatment, thereby reducing the costs of healthcare in the long run. Health care that seeks to prevent or foster early detection of disease and morbidity and focuses on keeping patients well in addition to help them while they're sick.
The mitigation of deterioration and damage to cultural property through the formulation and implementation of policies and procedures for the following: appropriate environmental conditions; handling and maintenance procedures for storage, exhibition, packing, transport, and use; integrated pest management; emergency preparedness and response; and reformatting/ duplication.