Definitions for "PREVIOUS QUESTION"
Keywords:  debate, vote, question, pending, motion
A request for the previous question, or a motion to order the previous question in the House brings to a vote the question of whether debate and the possibility of amending the question should end and the merits of the pending issue should be voted upon. For example, the previous question is voted upon during consideration of a rule, which sets the time limits for debate and whether or which amendments are allowed to be considered on a bill. If a member wanted an additional amendment to be considered which was not made in order by the rule, he or she could work to defeat the previous question and if successful, the rule could be amended to include the member's request. If the motion to order the previous question is approved, debate on the issue and the possibility of amendment end.
By a motion to "move the previous question," a representative seeks to end debate and bring an issue to a vote. Senators do not have this debate-limiting device.
A call to close debate and take the vote.