Definitions for "Prices"
The following Prices can be used in Formulas and Technical Analyses: Open High Low Close Bar Average (HLC/3) True High True Low Range / True Range Printing The TraderMade Workstation application has various printing options. Print Set-up allows the user to change the Printer settings, orientation and paper size etc.
The following Prices can be used in Formulas and Technical Analyses: Open High Low Close Midpoint (HL/2) Bar Average (HLC/3) True High True Low Range / True Range Quarterly Charts The term Quarterly is used to describe those charts that are constructed of quarterly bars. Each quarterly bar contains the Open, High, Low, and Close that occurred during each quarter. Quarterly charts are also available on selected government and industry reports. These reports may contain only one value for each quarter.
See Indicator prices; Price differentials; Price ranges
As a general rule, prices listed in the EasyOrder are net prices, and do not include the statutory value added tax. This is indicated on the inlayeridual forms. Prices for services which already include, or are exempt from any value added tax, are indicated accordingly on the inlayeridual forms. For services sold by Messe Frankfurt GmbH in conjunction with contractual partners or suppliers, such as telephone, electricity or water supply, all prices listed are subject to alteration; any price increases on the part of contractual partners or suppliers will have a corresponding effect on the final charge. Please bear in mind that the prices listed in the shopping basket are only approximate, since it is impossible to know in advance what your metered usage charges will be, and the final price of some services may depend on additional parameters supplied or solicited subsequently.
Our prices are MSRP, Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Prices, provided by the automaker at the time of publication. List Price is for the basic model; Price as Tested adds options, any special charges (i.e., gas-guzzler tax) and destination charge. Note, insurance, local taxes or other geographical-specific costs are not included.
Prices of perfumery materials vary greatly - often by a factor of 10 times according to source, quality, quantity purchased. For example you may be able to purchase Terpineol for $1.50 / Kg but a highly purified grade of alpha-Terpineol may be easily $20 / Kg. Odour wise they may be regarded as completely different materials. Flavour/Food grade materials are usually more expensive. Flavour compounds are usually cheaper per Kg simply because they usually have only a few percent of active aroma chemicals. This is not for cheapness but necessary for dosing requirements when adding to finished applications.
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The amounts that people pay for units of particular goods or services.