Definitions for "Primeval"
Keywords:  drama, primaeval, slayer, itv, buffy
"Primeval" is the 21st episode of season 4 of the television show Buffy the Vampire Slayer. See also List of Buffy the Vampire Slayer episodes.
Primeval is a Big Finish Productions audio drama based on the long-running British science fiction television series ''Doctor Who.
Primeval is the official title of a new six-part £6 million sci-fi drama which is being made by ITV Productions/Impossible Pictures. It previously had a working title that was spelt "Primaeval".
Primeval is a 2007 adventure/thriller film, written by John D. Brancato and Michael Ferris and directed by Michael Katleman.
existing in or persisting from the beginning (as of a Solar System or Universe).
having existed from the beginning; in an earliest or original stage or state; "aboriginal forests"; "primal eras before the appearance of life on earth"; "the forest primeval"; "primordial matter"; "primordial forms of life"
Belonging to the first ages; pristine; original; primitive; primary; as, the primeval innocence of man.