Definitions for "Prismatic"
With a pattern consisting of sharply angled triangles, or loops with sharp salient angles. Geometric in appearance (example: Microtus cheek teeth)
Cheek teeth (especially of rodents) with well-developed triangles (or prisms) of enamel surrounding basins of dentine.
(pris-mat´-ic) Said of a sedimentary particle whose length is 1.5 to 3 times its width. Said of a crystal with one dimension markedly longer that the other two; also, said of a metamorphic texture characterized by such crystals.
composed of prisms (crystals with specified face and edge configurations)
In geology and petrology, prismatic, or sometimes just called "prism", refers to a usually long, narrow, wedge-shaped sedimentary body with a width to thickness ratio greater than 5 to 1 but less than 50 to 1, and a length 1.5 to 3 times its width.
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Same as Orthorhombic.
A type of soil structure in which the soil ped is in the shape of a prism.
(Prism-shaped) (Seed form) Having several longitudinal angles and intermediate flat faces.
Just a word to say that the cells are not cylindrical, as nature intended battery cells to be, but fit nicely into a parallelepiped or any other such flattened shape.
describes an object that refracts light and breaks it into component wavelengths, creating colors
exhibiting spectral colors formed by refraction of light through a prism; "prismatic light"
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Used to describe an item which adds to all resists. For example, a prismatic plus to skills circlet might have +1 to assassin skills, +12 to all resistances.
Resembling, or pertaining to, a prism; as, a prismatic form or cleavage.
of or relating to or resembling or constituting a prism; "prismatic form"
Separated or distributed by a prism; formed by a prism; as, prismatic colors.