Specific procedures designed by state and federal law to protect the rights of children, parents and school districts.
Requirements set forth by IDEA which specify family rights and protections relating to provision of early intervention and special education services and the process for resolving individual child complaints concerning their rights.(mother and father, their children/child, toward them, deficient/needs, for them, needs, based on it, with them, known, words/language, for them, one after another, placed)
Written notice of policies about evaluation, prior written notice, parental consent, placement, complaints, due process, mediation, court action and appeals given to the parents of a child with disabiities upon initial referral, notification of IEP meetings, reevaluation, and request for due process.
Procedural measures taken to prevent a disaster, such as safety inspections, fire drills, security awareness programs, records retention programs, etc.
The steps taken to insure that a person's legal rights are not denied.
Precautions taken to insure that an individual's rights are not denied without due process of law.