Definitions for "Profits"
total revenue received from selling the product minus the total costs of producing the product.
the excess of revenues over outlays in a given period of time (including depreciation and other non-cash expenses)
total revenues minus total costs
Direct recovery of the patent infringer's profits is not possible in a case of infringement of a utility patent, but may, under proper circumstances, be employed as a measure of the patentee's damages.
In normal human speak 'profit' the net income of businesses, in different economic theories it is not so straight forward.
the economic return on entrepreneurship
Capital appreciation resulting from the development of the initial investment; or a participation in earnings resulting from the use of the investor's funds.
money left over when wages, interest, rent, raw materials and other costs have been paid by businesses. Profits are the financial reward for taking risks.
In business: the result of selling goods or services for more than the cost of producing them. In investment: profits result from selling commodities or securities for a higher price than the cost of purchasing them.
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To dream of profits, brings success in your immediate future. See Gain.
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something won (especially money)