Definitions for "Progressions"
Taking the planetary positions of the days and months following birth at the rate of one day equals one year, progressed charts provide the symbolic background for the ever changing process of one's life. They are considered, along with the transits, to symbolize and reveal the meanings of the events and experiences which are currently unfolding.
A method of advancing the planets and points of a natal chart to a particular time after birth. Used to illustrate one's evolution.
Term used for advancing planets and house cusps from birth to a second point in time. Usually one day for each year. The systems of studying current patterns that move the chart symbolically forward or backward according to one unit of time equated with another. The most common form, secondary progression, is the usual one day for each year. Thus if a person is now 30 years old, the positions 30 days after birth are considered symbolic of that of the 30th year. Other systems of progressions equate a lunar month with a year, ad with a lunar month and so on.
Stages in learning a move, usually but not always moves in themselves. Some progressions are necessary but would never really be considered moves in their own right.