Definitions for "PRT"
Pulse Recurrence Time. See Pulse Recurrence Interval.
or PRI ulse epetition ime or ulse epetition nterval The elapsed time between the beginning of one pulse of a radar and the beginning of the next. This determines the maximum range possible at this setting.
Primary Response Time. The elapsed time beginning when the customer submits the request and ending when the customer speaks with a Help Desk professional, who can begin working to resolve the request.
prevention response tug. a very powerful tug boat with z-drive systems, fire fighting system, and towing winches. The z-drive system consists of ducted-propellers that can be oriented in any horizontal direction. A PRT is not capable of applying more than its maximum propulsion force. The Attentive, Aware, and Alert are the three PRT’s used in Prince William Sound.
A Tool which measures the temperature of the wellbore.
A sensor that uses a bridge measurement (a three- or four-wire half-bridge or a four-wire full-bridge) to measure temperatures. Just like any other resistive materials, platinum has a variable resistance depending on the temperature of the surrounding area and on the length of the platinum. The resistive variability measurement is expressed as "Temperature Coefficient of Resistivity". Platinum's low "temperature coefficient of resistivity" value means that its resistance variability does not swing as widely as many other metals, hence its use. Platinum's variability of resistance due to temperature is reproducible (most metals have this reproducibility), so the thermometer uses resistive measurements. A fifth order polynomial is used to increase the accuracy of the correlation between the temperature change and the corresponding resistance change on platinum because the variability of resistance is reproducible but it is not linear with temperature change.
Variant of discrete trial with emphasis on giving the child power to make choices. An excellent overview is available here on the well known Autism Teaching Tools website.
Plant Readiness Team
Performance Review Team
Participating Research Team, a group of experimentalists that helped support the construction of one of the beamlines, and therefore has the right to use 75 percent of its time.
perception-reaction time
Perception Response Time
Photodynamic Radiation Therapy. A light sensitive drug is given through a vein and concentrates in the tumor. During a surgical procedure, a special light activates the drug which kills the tumor cells.
Position Resource Tracking: module of BIBS used to track permanently budgeted positions.
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Petroleum Revenue Tax
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Personal Rapid Transit
Formatted text
Printer Configuration or Printer-formatted File