Definitions for "Pulldown"
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introducing a pulldown is the process which compensates for the differences in frame rates between film and video by creating new frames. For 24 fps film to be converted to 30 fps NTSC video, a 3/2 pulldown is used which creates an extra 6 frames per second. Go back to the top of the page
This is the process of making multiple fields from frames in order to change the framerate of a source. Film footage is converted from 24fps to 30fps by creating 3 Fields out of the 2 fields usually contained in a single frame ( i.e. 3:2 pulldown). PAL footage uses 2:2 pulldown where 2 fields are kept as 2 fields. (More)
A technique (3/2 pulldown) for converting 24 fps film to 30 fps NTSC video by adding fields.
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See 3-2 Pulldown.