Definitions for "Punches"
The product of using a punch. They can be used in paper piecing or alone to decorate scrapbook pages.
Pointed tools used for stamping a design on a surface.
Metal tool available in a variety of shapes that can be used to punch out shapes from card or paper. The scrapbooker can then use the punched out shapes as embellishments on a page.
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An (Upper Extremities) Nia Move in which you punch with your fist, in any direction, pushing down with your feet to give power to the punch from the Base up.
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Citrus juices with two or more liquors or wines. Served cold. Hot punches use milk, eggs and cream.
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Punches is an album by World Leader Pretend, released in 2005.
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The letters and other elements, made of iron or steel, used to create coin dies. Punches can range from simple letters to entire designs.