Definitions for "qed"
Which was demonstrated; -- a phrase used after the conclusion of some line of reasoning, especially in mathematical or logical proofs.
QED abbr. Latin Quod erat demonstrandum (which was to be demonstrated or that proves it.) Acronym for: Quite Easily Done
abbreviation of Latin (Qoud Erat Demonstandum- that which has been proven) originally used in English by mathematicians after a theory had been proven, nowadays meaning generally "it has just been proven correct" or "I was right" (Crave).
Quantum electrodynamics.
a relativistic quantum theory of the electromagnetic interactions of photons and electrons and muons
QED includes: Kristine Hendricks (vocals); Valentin (guitar, keyboards, programming). QED's albums were released under the DKE Record label. It is described as R&B, dance, however it is most frequently heard with electronic dance music.
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QED is a batch manager in the likes of NQS and GNU-queue with some fancy features like network support, simple load balancing, and job resource usage control.
Quality Education Data. A survey of public school information from Quality Education Data, Inc. Enrollment grade span and other data for individual public schools were aggregated into data for use in sampling PSUs and schools, and in preliminary session allocation.
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QED is a line-oriented computer text editor.