Definitions for "Queries"
A set of questions, based on Friends' practices and testimoniees, which are considered by Meetings and individuals as a way of both guiding and examining individual and corporate lives and actions. As such, they are a means of self examination. Queries to be considered regularly are included in Faith and Practice; others may be formulated by a committee or Meeting that seeks to clarify for itself an issue it needs to address.
The questions which are used in conjunction with the "advices" and which give opportunity to ponder well their implications, and to examine our own conduct in the light of them. Their "practical" character is indeed striking as they ask about such matters as love and forgiveness in our daily actions and lives.
Select data for display or manipulation within NOMOS. A query is constructed using a convenient table/grid interface, but is internally represented with standard SPARQL. Usage does not require Java development. (See also, processors.)
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See ASIS queries.
Inquiries that are performed about transactions, databases, or other records.
Request for help in regard to a particular subject in which you are interested.
Temporary searches for specific information.