Definitions for "Quinto"
Keywords:  rumba, conga, drum, smallest, pitched
The highest-pitched drum in a set of three drums used in the styles of rumba. The quinto improvises on top of patterns laid out by the other drums.
Instrument; Percussion; Drum. Smallest drum in the Conga set with the brightest sound, abt. 11"/28cm diameter (kr)
The quinto is the smallest of the conga drums.
Keywords:  spain, fifth, bullion, fleets, crown
The twenty per cent tax paid on bullion (silver and gold) shipped from the New World to the King of Spain.
the Royal Fifth; the Crown's share of the treasure fleets sailing from the New World to Spain.
one-fifth: amount the Spanish crown was to receive of all precious metals mined in the Americas. (p. 512)