Definitions for "quota"
At the University of Kent your quota is the disk space you have been allocated to store your files. Counted is mainly the size, not the number of files, i.e. a single high resolution photograph or sound file may cause the quota to be exceeded.
In a representative body, the quota is defined as the ratio of the size of the popluation of a group being represented to the ideal ratio. The quota represents the ideal number of representatives that that specific group should have. Definitions: R
A number of fish allocated for harvest to a particular fishing group or area.
An allotment or limited amount.
A government-imposed restriction on quantity, or sometimes on total value. An import quota specifies the maximum amount of an import per year, typically administered with import licenses that may be sold or directly allocated, to individuals or firms, domestic or foreign. May be global, bilateral, or by country. And IMF quota.
Under a quota, only a certain amount of the designated merchandise can be entered into the commerce of the United States during a specific time period. Under an absolute quota, once the specified amount of merchandise has been entered, no more can be entered until the next opening. Under a tariff-rate quota, a certain amount may be entered at a reduced rate of duty. Once that amount has been entered, a higher rate of duty is charged.
A proportional part or share; the share or proportion assigned to each in a division.
The proportion or percentage of votes required for a candidate to be elected to the Legislative Assembly.
a share or proportional part of a fixed total amount or quantity
See California milk marketing order. See Also: California milk marketing order.
Dairy farmer's share of a market restricted by regulation e.g. the premium-priced liquid milk market. Abolished under deregulation
Part of a two–tiered pricing system in California. Essentially, quota is an entitlement that allows a producer to receive a price for milk that is $1.70 per hundredweight higher than the overbase price. Originated with the inception of the milk pooling program in 1969.
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a sample size for a sub-group
a sample size for targetcom survey
a sample usrvey size for a
Quota is yet another roguelike game, much in the vein of Angband. Quota was created by creative munging of the phrase "Quest of the Adventurer", in case you cared.
a flat prohibition on selling too much, imposed by Westerners who supposedly rejoice in a swashbuckling pro-success culture
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ASL Browser
A revenue objective specified as a specific monetary amount that has been assigned to a salesperson for a specified fiscal period.
Percentage of a total fundraising goal assigned to a division or other unit of the campaign organisation.
a unit of interest in a limitada and cannot be freely transferred, neither can it be attached in bankruptcy proceedings
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An organisation automatically gets 20Mb web space for shared folders when they join Webstore. Individual users within an organisation usually have their own private folder quota agreed with their organisation's administrator. If you go over your quota then you get an error message - see Quota Management.
See Quantitative Restriction
a size restriction placed on a directory or file system at the University at Buffalo
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see " Electoral Quota"
a simple numerical requirement that a contractor must meet, without consideration of other factors
The volume of product that a registered producer is entitled to produce during a specified period of time.
a fixed amount that a supplier is allowed to offer for sale in a particular market
a share of effort required to be performed, or a share of resources required to be contributed to some common purpose.
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See Marketing quota(s). See Also: Marketing quota(s).